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What's the new look about? The Hammock Company is now part of the family!
We're now part of the family!

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Countersinking and Hammocks

Secondhand Wisdom, Part 1: Countersinking and Hammocks

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a certifiable hammock expert (read: 30+ years of experience in the industry).

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Build Your Own DIY Brick Fire Pit

In Pursuit of the Elusive "Best Hammock"

We spend a lot of time talking (arguing) about what's "best."

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Reconsidering the Hammock's Place in Our Backyards

Reconsidering the Hammock's Place in our Backyards

My interest in everything DIY started with hammocks.

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HGTV Campfire Collection

Secondhand Wisdom, Part 2: Hammock Stands

I am one of those unfortunate people whose yard lacks the required pair of trees necessary to hang a hammock the "traditional" way.

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Hammocks in Our Hearts

Hammocks on Our Minds, Spring in Our Hearts

The natural response of many amid that first shivering jog of the New Year is to scurry back to warm beds and junk food, familiar foes of "should" and "ought to."

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My Dogs Hurt, So I Climbed in a Camping Hammock

My Dogs Hurt, so I Climbed in a Camping Hammock

I recently took Hennessey's Ultralite Backpacker for a spin in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina.

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White & Green Cabana

What's the Best Type of Hammock for You?

You'd think shopping for hammocks would be easy. But after going through dozens of sites and categories, you may be feeling further away from that relaxed state of mind you were seeking out in the first place.

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White & Green Cabana

The Uncertain History of the Hammock

During his 1492 voyage, Columbus found "wonderful arrangements of nets" in the homes of native peoples in modern-day Cuba.

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America's First Hammocks

Five of America's First Hammocks, 1860-1900

As you might expect, the hammock industry in the United States was pretty competitive as far back as 120 years ago, beginning in the 1870s.

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join the Family

DFOHome began with one handmade hammock.

Before we were DFOHome, we were a hammock company. They're what got us started in outdoor relaxation, and remain a major part of what we do. We're unique in that we believe there's a place for a hammock in any outdoor setting, and once you've reclined in one of our premier models, you'll be inclined to agree. Take a moment to browse our collections -- you'd be surprised at the variety of hammocks we offer! Most are manufactured right here in Greenville, North Carolina.